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BD Ranch at Elk Ridge

Nestled in the heart of elk country BD Ranch will help you find the trophy of a lifetime. Remote access to some of Colorado’s best elk habitat will help you in your trophy hunt. The ranch is managed for wildlife in mind and has established springs and wildlife areas. Some of unit 40’s finest animals can be seen and hunted from the ranch.Ranch Accommodations will get you to the field with time to spare to hunt the best hours of the day. Ranch meals when you get up in the am lunches to carry you over to a very nice evening meal to end the days hunt. When looking at places to hunt, just like business, Location is everything. BD Ranch at Elk Ridge has it all. If you want Elk, Mule Deer or Bear you can hunt all from our doorsteps.

P.S. Don’t ask us about Turkeys it’s one of our secrets! Yes we have many secrets and packages to fit all.

Please contact us for pricing on big game and or a turkey hunt of your life!

Dan Dimattei
Dan Harrison
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